March 28, 2017

Speakers Bureau: Mississippi in the Work of Sherwood Bonner

Holly Springs native Katherine Sherwood Bonner McDowell (1849-1883) left her Mississippi Home in 1873 to pursue a literary career in the Northeast. She became "Sherwood Bonner," a writer whose witty stories shed light on the dynamics of region, race, and gender in both the reconstruction South and post-Civil War America. Bonner enjoyed brief notoriety during her own time, but the recent republication of her work has drawn serious critical attention to it and the picture it offers of the writer's relationship to her time and place.

Kathryn B. McKee is McMullan Associate Professor of Southern Studies and Associate Professor of English at the University of Mississippi.

Columbus-Lowndes Public Library- 12:00p.m.

No Cost

Sponsored by Columbus-Lowndes Public Library & MS Humanities Council

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Mona Vance-Ali 662-329-5304