MHC First Tuesday Speakers Schedule

September 6

Tupelo: 6pm Brother Rogers, “John C. Stennis: Legacy of a Legend in Mississippi Politics”

Indianola: 5pm Dr. Charles Westmoreland, “Archie Who and Why? The Story and Significance of a Mississippi Icon”

Brookhaven: 6pm Diane Williams, “The Historic Journey of African American Quilters”

Pascagoula: 6pm Ellen Ruffin, “Margret and H. A. Rey: A Partnership that Created an Icon”

October 4

Tupelo: 6pm Carla Falkner, “The Hillbilly Cat: The Local Roots and National Impact of Elvis Presley’s Music”

Indianola: 5pm Anne Webster, “People, Not Property: Tracing Your African American Roots”

Brookhaven: 6pm Dr. Ralph Didlake, “Food from a Bioethics Perspective”

Pascagoula: 6pm Shelby Harriel, “Forbidden, Hidden and Forgotten: Women Soldiers of the Civil War”

November 1

Tupelo: 6pm Malcolm White, “How Tamales Came to Mississippi”

Indianola: 5pm Dr. Shennette Garrett-Scott, “Everything that is Mean, Damnable and Cursed: Minnie Geddings Cox and the Indianola Affair”

Brookhaven: 6pm Jennifer Baughn, “Mississippi’s New Capitol”

Pascagoula: 6pm Rebecca Tuuri, “Behind Every Good Man is a Civil Rights Heroine”

December 6

Tupelo: 6pm Dr. James Giesen, “Boll Weevil Blues: Cotton and Myth in Mississippi”

Indianola: 5pm Scott Barretta, “White Blues and African American Stringbands: Mississippi’s Creolized Musical Traditions”

Brookhaven: 6pm Dr. Daphne Chamberlain, “‘…in Order that Your Leadership Will Not Die’: The NAACP, Youth Activism, and the Mississippi Freedom Movement”

Pascagoula: 6pm Richard Grant, “Dispatches From Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta”

Posted on September 01 2016